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Thorpe Open Water Swimming Lake

We are open as of April for summer open water swimming. Please visit our website for more information www.thorpeopenwaterswimming.co.uk or call Jane on 07714 292351.

Our opening hours are as follows;

Saturday 6.30am - 10.30am

Sunday 6.30am - 9.30am

Tuesday 5.30pm - 8.00 or sunset (whichever is earlier)


All swimmers must wear their NOWCA Safety Wristband every time they swim.

We are proud to use the NOWCA Safety Wristband scan in and out system.

It's your personal profile on your wrist, you use it to scan yourself in and out of the water. 

As operators, we will know exactly who and how many swimmers are in the water, at any time. This is critical to managing your swim safety.

For you as a swimmer, wearing your NOWCA Safety Wristband you will speed your entry into the water plus record your swim time and distance, just like wearing a chip at a triathlon. 

If you are new to our lake, please sign up online at www.nowca.org before you swim and you will be able to collect your wristband at the lake. This wristband can be used at dozens of NOWCA safety accredited lakes all over the country.


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Lake Swim Cards

Having Problems? Please contact the lake managers directly with anything relating to your swim cards session. NOWCA are not involved in the transaction or administration of Swim Cards


1000m Swim
Date 31/01/2015

1000m Swim
Date 31/01/2015

1000m Race
Date 14/02/2015

Date 24/03/2015


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