Benifits of being a NOWCA Coach

NOWCA Coaches membership £25
This is an annual membership which includes full access to all coach resources.

NOWCA MEMBERSHIP is a prerequisite to becoming a pool to open water and open water coach. If you do not pay the annual subscription then you will not have access to the resources or be listed as a qualified open water coach.

Includes: Basic swimmer membership advantages of SWIMTHEWORLD & NOWCA Membership - Timing and data capture. Coaches receive a timing tag wristband that logs time in water for individual pool and open water swims and events (Aquathlon and NOWCA swim and POOLswim400)

Resourses currently include:

1/ Swimmer Profile. This is a presentation that helps profile a swimmer before starting to coach them with 'Simple Swimming'
Gives the swimmer peace of mind of the learning pathway available. Helps the coach secure clients

2/ Level one session plans:
Rookie and bench mark sessions. Swimmer check sheets

2a/ Level two session plans: these are plans that a coach can use to teach swimmers.
Innovative and structured Plans for Identified abilities: with phases.
Non-swimmer (no technique, panic & fears)
Beginner swimmer - front crawl
Intermediate - club athlete

3/ Sample swimmer profile sheets
See how a coach can fill out their profile sheets with a selection of different types of swimmer

With full access as a NOWCA Coach keep logging on as there will be additional resources added each season as well as regular updates for 'continuing development courses'

Coaches Membership


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