NOWCA Accreditation for Lakes

As a Lake Owner gaining NOWCA accreditation will help increase your revenue as well as offering you discounts from NOWCA suppliers. To obtain accredition you must meet certain criteria, as outlined below.

Requirements & Benefits for Lakes

NOWCA accreditation tells Open Water Swimmers that you offer only the best in facilities, coaches and safety - boost your client base by joining us today.


As a minimum criteria, each venue must have its own SOP (System Operating Procedure) which complies with the directives as laid out by NOWCA and the RLSS, with regard to Open Water Swimming.

This criteria includes directives surrounding water quality, H+S (i.e. First Aid facilities, Safety Boats), Risk Assessments, EAP’s (emergency action plans) plus list of management personnel, individual venue particulars. There must be specific data capture of who and when a swimmer is in the water at any time the venue is operational for swimming etc

All venues will become NOWCA registered by following the accreditation protocol set out by NOWCA (details sent to any lake that applies) and will be graded based on their compliance with the above and any additional facilities that they provide e.g. showers, provision of refreshments, outdoor trail, non-sports facilities although these are not compulsory etc

Venues must adhere to NOWCA swimming rates unless another price structure is agreed.

Membership Benefits

  • Use the NOWCA register to attract clients away from similar nearby open water venues who are not NOWCA members as well as more and more swimmers taking to open water
  • Have your own dedicated page on the NOWCA website that you can update with all lake details including opening times, course and event dates and links helping to drive traffic to your venue
  • Have confidence when appointing new coaches from the NOWCA register - all coaches will meet the minimum qualification requirements.
  • We are supported by British Gas who sponsor all levels of swimming from Paddling pool to Podium. 27,000 employees are being communicated to, to join swimmers in open water - all NOWCA lakes will be marketed to these potential swimmers!
  • Discounts from NOWCA suppliers and partners
  • Data collection of all swimmers
  • Race timing system
  • Increased marketing exposure via NOWCA National campaigns
  • Become part of the biggest growing community in open water swimming
  • Ability to earn commission on NOWCA product sales

If you are unsure whether you meet the NOWCA requirements then we are here to help you, please contact us and we can walk you through every procedure or worry you may have.

Contact Us For more information on how NOWCA accreditation can help you as an Open Water Swimming Lake then please get in touch now.

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