NOWCA Self Certification for Venues

It’s easy to become a NOWCA venue today!

NOWCA Self certification signals to open water swimmers that you offer only the best facilities - boost your client base by joining us today.

There is no financial outlay.

Whether you run open water swimming as a business or as a hobby, you too can gain the many benefits of becoming a NOWCA venue.

A simple three step ‘self-certification’ is all that is required.

  1. Complete this self certification form    
  2. Agree to terms and conditions.
  3. Once software is installed, use the system for every swim.

Already many venues from all around the country are increasing their revenue by up to 25%.

The benefits for NOWCA lakes and venues

  • an ultra modern safety system that tracks your swimmers in and out of the water
  • a client base of 14K swimmers (2016) and rapidly expanding
  • the NOWCA website that received a quarter of a million visits last year alone
  • have your own venue webpage with your venue specifics and images within the NOWCA website
  • the ability to run any chipped timing race for free
  • create a database of your swimmers, contact them directly about your venue and events
  • see and track your sales reports
  • access to our growing list of qualified coaches around the country
  • discounts from NOWCA suppliers and partners

We have templates and Samples to help you with: (NOPs)Normal Operating Procedures, Risk Assessments, EAP’s (Emergency Action Plans), Safety guidelines for staff (lifesaving and coaches), NOWCA System Operating Procedures

Please contact us on we can help you with any questions you may have.