NOWCA for Swimmers


As a NOWCA swimmer you only ever have to provide your venue with emergency contact and medical details once, unless they change.

Each time you swim at a NOWCA venue your swim will be timed and your distance recorded. You will be able to view this in your personal login area.

You can purchase multiple swims at your venue, removing the need to take money with you each time.

As a NOWCA member you can scan in and out of the water, quickly and without any paperwork.

In some of our venues who are running the NOWCA Kiosk you don't need to go to reception before your swim.

You will be able to participate in weekly NOWCA Swim races. Your results appear in your log in area, as will other events.

Your NOWCA venue can contact you with important schedule changes and information.

Enjoy discounts from our NOWCA partners