Super sincerely mentally excited to work with you. I'm 40 today and you've inspired me to make this decade truly life affirming. All the best to you and your staff. Jonathon Monks


It was great to see you too. I found the session extremely illuminating of many years of self taught swimming without anyone to learn from.. hence poor habits. But now I armed with expert advice to see me right.
I have downloaded the first workout and I'm off to pool now to give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes. I just wanted to check that you said to swim for 20 mins. If workout one takes a bit longer is that ok? So long as I'm not tiring and using poor technique - right?

I'm glad you remember the first time we chatted at Thorpe. I found those minutes invaluable. Prior to out forst chat I struggled to swim in the water in the wetsuit, and following your advice I managed to complete a full circuit. A full loop doesn't sound so amazing, but given that my first attempt 30 minutes earlier was about 150m before my lungs shrunk to the size of golf balls, and I couldn't breath (god that was scary) this was a massive improvement.
So I know I can learn loads from you. You have the patience and way of applying the knowledge that makes sense, so I know I can learn loads from you. And with these new skills  I am gonna crack a half decent time on my next triathlon. :D Ally

Dear Coach,
I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thanks for a great open water course a couple of weekend's ago. Swimming the distance has never really been a problem but coming from a pool background being in open water has always troubled me. The pointers you gave in the briefing & the actual coaching in the water filled me with confidence.
I took part in the Bournemouth tri last weekend putting the techniques into practise & really enjoyed the swim part of the tri. It also enabled me to start thinking about the transition & bike ride whilst I was still in the water so enabled the rest of the event to go well to such an extent that I achieved a PB!!
Thanks again, really looking forward to the rest of the summers tri's now.

Hi Rick,
I would just like to thank you for your help early on in my swim training for the Great Swim.
When I started swimming in January I was dreadful and I think the video footage from my session in your endless pool proved that.  With the help of that session and trying to focus on technique I feel that I managed to improve greatly.  In addition, we did a number of sessions and Thorpe Lake and one at Heron Lake just to mix it up.
Both myself and Anna completed the swim in just over 34 minutes and were very pleased with our achievements.
Thanks again,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the London Triathlon Openwater Swim training day. I joined the course on Saturday at 11am and thought it was excellent. I'd not swum outdoors before and I don't think you or the team could have done anything to make the experience any easier. Although not a speedy swimmer I still felt very happy in the water by the end of the session and could give the sighting breathing routine a good go. I also managed to get out of my wetsuit really easily!
Please say thank you to the team, especially Wayne and Chris who were great. Everybody we met on the day was super friendly and happy to help or answer queries.
Many thanks

Just a quick note to say thank you - I did your OWS 1 course last weekend and yesterday managed to complete the Windermere Great North Swim -38 minutes for the mile -  the sighting and breathing techniques really helped my confidence and kept me calm. - thanks again and I will be in touch about getting that time down - survival was the focus yesterday!
Thanks again
Brian Purves

Hi there,
I'd just like to say a big thank you yesterday's tuition. It was a tad shocking but kind of what I expected.
But I can wholeheartedly recommend it  to other other swimmers. Have a good weekend.
Cheers, Justin

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